Communications Architectures
& Research

The Communications Architectures and Research Section has a heritage of significant achievements in the development of new technologies for space communications and science: modulation schemes error-correcting codes, next-generation receivers, advanced signal processing, ground-based planetary radar, atomic clocks and other quantum technologies, and radio science.


  We develop and analyze new deep space telecommunications and networking architectures to support long-range planning for NASA's Deep Space Network and manage spectrum allocations.  We develop new radio frequency and optical communications concepts that advance the state of the art and demonstrate them for infusion into operational ground and space systems of NASA missions and for DARPA and other agencies.


Our work has benefited a number of NASA projects: error-correcting codes for many missions for more than 30 years; advanced receiver technology for the Deep Space Network; data compression and proximity protocols for Mars Exploration Rovers and the Mars Science Laboratory; the Cold Atom Laboratory facility for the International Space Station; radio science for Cassini, Juno and GRAIL missions; solar system radar characterization and tracking of near-Earth objects and potential asteroid impacts.